Is Your Franchise Actually Turn Key?

We have spoken to hundreds of Franchise owners and the support from their Franchisor varies greatly.  While many Franchisors talk about “Turn Key Franchises” most leave quite a bit of items for the new Franchisee to figure out.  Among the most common services you will need to obtain on your own: Digital Marketing Legal and […]

Should I Buy a New Franchise or a Current Franchise?

We get asked quite a bit whether our members should buy an existing franchise or a new franchise.  The answer is not quite as straight as it appears. A new franchise usually requires longer hours and a huge focus on building the business.  In a new territory, the franchise us usually unproven and unknown.  This […]

What are SEO and SEM and Why are They Important?

Digital marketing has become a way of life for most companies.  SEO and SEM are key terms you need to know in the digital marketing arena. SEM stands for Search Enging Marketing.  These are keywords you can buy from Google to stear customers to your website. SEO stands for Search Enging Optimization.  This means how […]

Employee Turnover……

Employee turnover can be devasting to a franchise.  Franshises rely on their reputation, customer service and word of mouth and customers like to see the same faces.  Furthermore turnover can be very expensive to have to hire and retrain new employees. While we cannot always control turnover, we can make the environment fun and beneficial.  […]

Networking to Build Your Business

We are asked what is the most impactful way to grow a franchise.  Our answer has always been the same NETWORKING!!  Many franchises have not even met their neighbors. We suggest you get out and meet your neighbors in your mall or strip center.  What about giving them a free try to your product. Always […]