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Digital marketing seattle

Digital marketing seattle

Marketers need efficient reporting tools with real-time results to measure performance and automate business operations. Unfortunately, data overload is a common phenomenon with businesses, as they struggle to get all the data from one place. Savvy Seattle digital marketing experts opt for intelligent business dashboards to track data with accessible, reliable, and real-time numbers.

Our digital marketing in Seattle uses one such system to give users consistently clean data to view dashboards, with monitoring and control platforms containing the following:

  • Reputation management
  • Social media ad management
  • SEO management
  • Directory listing platform
  • Email marketing platform 

Benefits of a digital marketing dashboard

Evaluate progress

Dashboards monitor vital analytics in real-time and display the results in one central location. Each marketing method ties into the account, so you have one primary way of getting insight into the business efforts without constant communication with online marketing firms in Seattle.

Collaborate with team members

Companies do not hire just one digital marketer to take up the entire marketing role. Most will employ a head manager to monitor the overall progress and several assistants to add to the actual effort to put out ads and ensure decent conversions.

The dashboard lets you have a hierarchy with a structured team to collaborate on various tactics and content. Some software applications allow users to have different permission levels in the account, so each person only handles their segment of concern. A quick overview of our tools will help you understand the special permissions.

Advanced reporting tools

The ideal dashboard includes analytical tools to measure social media campaigns' results among several others. These reports include numbers of new followers, clicks, likes, and brand mentions. Our dashboard integrates with other marketing features like search engines to give accurate descriptions of your online reputation.

Schedule content

It is incredibly time-consuming to create, evaluate, curate, and publish marketing data. These tasks take up plenty of time and take advantage of the opportunity to make actual business moves. A dashboard that streamlines content is worth the investment to schedule content for future publishing with ease.

Franchise Support Group is one of the top digital marketing companies in Seattle WA that makes it even easier to manage content publication by determining the best times to publish each platform's data. You can use the information to know which content will have the most significant impact on your audience at different times of the day and week. An example is that Instagram audiences respond better to high-quality images while Twitter audiences prefer short and concise thought-provoking ads.

Why choose the Franchise marketing group?


Digital marketing in Seattle should allow you to customize and monitor various tactics to streamline your process quickly while saving money and time. Our tools work with long and short cycles to give the dashboard diverse capabilities for small and big campaigns.

Fast results

It makes sense to work with a digital marketing agency in Seattle that shortens the amount of time you need to implement and monitor insights. The best digital marketing agencies near me recommend using an application with an immediate feedback system for all ad processes. Our metrics are accessible for all to understand and make sense without extra manipulation. Reach out at 855-777-3240 for a free digital consultation with more detailed information.


Digital marketing seattle
Franchise Support Group
Digital marketing seattle
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Digital marketing seattle

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"When I started my franchise, I was given very little direction on what Payroll company, insurance company and printing company to use.  Franchise Support Group found me vendors with the lowest price with 100% satisfaction guarantee.  They saved me over $3500 per month!!"

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